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Chair Message

During 2019, the PMVF supported the museum by funding a variety of small projects and activities. We are having discussions with the museum regarding funding requests for small projects in 2020, and working towards funding a part of the required site improvements and building relocations that are part of the larger project that includes the new administration building.  This larger project will span several years.

We would like to express our appreciation to our members, our loyal corporate supporters, and Pickering Delta Bingo for their continuing support of our fundraising efforts.  We continue our search for new sources of funds, and ways to raise the visibility of the PMVF.  To improve our prospects for funding in the future, we will continue to explain the needs of the museum to different funding organizations.  In 2020, we will be reviewing and revising this process, with the hope of improving our methods, and improving our success at attracting more contributions to support the projects and activities at the museum.

The funds raised are allocated towards selected projects and activities as identified by the Pickering Museum Village (PMV).   All these projects and activities are to support the maintenance, restoration, replication, purchase, and preservation of the artifacts at the museum.  This includes the contents of the historical buildings and the buildings themselves.  

As we continue these efforts, PMVF is actively looking for people to help on the Board of Directors, or work on various fundraising activities.  Anyone with fundraising skills and expertise is welcome to assist with the ongoing efforts to secure funds to help meet the needs of current and future projects at the museum.  

To help with the future of the Foundation and the continued support of the museum, please consider a bequest to the Foundation when preparing/reviewing/revising your estate plans.  Your legacy can help ensure your loved ones and many others can continue to enjoy the heritage benefits the museum provides for many years into the future.

I look forward to working with the current board, any new board members, and anyone from the membership or public who wants to help, as we continue our campaign to secure new and larger funding sources for the important initiatives that will help the museum continue to evolve and grow.  

Thank you for all your support. 

Gregory Oakes

PMVF Chair

Updated March 2020

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