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PMVF Constitution

Section 1  Name

1.1       The name of the organization shall be the “Pickering Museum Village Foundation”,
            hereinafter referred to as the PMVF.

Section 2   Purpose and Objects

2.1       The PMVF was created to be a fundraising organization to enhance the care of the artifacts of the
            Pickering Museum Village. ( hereinafter the PMVF ) and to raise funds for large projects.
            The purpose of the PMVF shall be carried out without purpose or gain for its members and any
            profits or other accretions the PMVF shall be used solely to promote its purpose.


2.2       The objectives of the PMVF are as follows:


            To financially assist the PMV in their recreation of the lifestyle of Pickering’s ancestors.


            To provide financial assistance for the acquisition, restoration, maintenance, recording
            and care of all artifacts and buildings of the PMV.


            To create an Endowment Fund in support of the PMV.

Section 3   Membership

3.1       Membership in the PMVF shall be available to any persons who are interested in furthering
            the objectives of the PMVF upon payment of the membership fee.

3.2       Memberships are current for one year from the date of the payment of the membership fee.

Section 4   Voting

4.1       Authority to vote at matters being considered at regular Board meetings rests with the
            Board of Directors ( hereinafter the Board ). Quorum of the Board for the purpose of voting
            shall consist of 50% of Directors.

4.2       In order to be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, members must be paid members
            of the PMVF for two (2) months prior to that AGM.

Section  5   Executive Committee

5.1       The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership

            Secretary. No officer shall hold more than one of these positions unless formally approved by the Board.                 In the case of a Director holding two positions, they may exercise only one vote.


5.2       The term of office for Executive Officers is three years plus one month.


5.3       The Chair shall be elected by all members at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter AGM) and
            the rest of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Board at the Board meeting following
            the AGM. The term of office for the Chair is two (2) years plus one month.


5.4       The Executive shall have the power in exceptional circumstances to conduct urgent business between
            regular meetings. Decisions involving fiscal business require a two third majority vote of the Executive.
            Any such votes must be brought before the full Board at the earliest possible opportunity for approval
            and ratification.

Section 6    Board of Directors

6.1      The Board of Directors shall consist of twelve voting Directors consisting of the Executive Committee,
            the Website and Communications Director, Youth Director and Directors without specific portfolio.
            In addition, a representative from the Advisory Committee of the PMV and a staff representative from
            PMV shall be non-voting members of the Board. The Past Chair may sit on the Board in an advisory,
            non-voting capacity.


6.2      The term for Directors is three (3) years plus one month. Directors may be renewed for an additional
            term of office.


6.3     The Board shall have the power to add Directors between AGMs as the Board sees fit to a maximum
            of twelve voting Directors and to designate additional officer positions to be added to the Executive.
            These appointed positions expire one month after the next AGM. 


6.4      In the event that a Director wishes to resign or requests a leave of absence due to changing personal
            circumstances, the request will go to the Chair and the Director’s privacy shall be respected.
            The Board may appoint another Director to fill that position, until the leave of absence ends or
            until the next AGM.


6.5      Directors are considered active members and are expected to contribute fully; once the Director’s
            term has expired, the Director is required to complete the transfer of relevant notes, knowledge,
            books etc within 30 days of the AGM to the new Director. In the event of a Treasurer resigning
            or taking a leave of absence, the transfer of signatories at the bank must be done immediately to
            protect the business of the Board.


6.6      The Youth Director position shall be limited to a maximum of one position on the Board and shall
            have a one year term with the option to renew. The Youth Director shall be no younger than 15 years
            old and no older than 20. Should a Youth Director turn 21 during their term, they may remain on the
            Board until the AGM and may then be eligible as a Director.


6.7      A Director may be removed from the Board if absent from three (3) consecutive meetings or
            absent from over 50% of the meetings in one year, unless excused by the Board due to extenuating


6.8      Directors are required to act in the best interests of the PMVF, and must follow the best practices
            guidelines with regard to expense reimbursement.


6.9      Directors must maintain the confidentiality of PMVF business; matters of public record are exempt.


6.10    Directors found to be violation of these principles may be removed from the Board by a motion
            of the Board.

Section 7   Committees of the Board

7.1      The Chair is an Ad Hoc member of every committee of the Board.


7.2      Committees should consist of at least two Directors and may also include members of the PMVF
            who do not sit on the Board.

Section  8   Meetings and Special Meetings

8.1      All meetings of the PMVF shall be conducted following Roberts Rules of Order.


8.2      Special meetings may be called any time at the discretion of at least one-third of the Board, including
            at least one member of the Executive or by any twelve (12) PMVF members with written notice of
            thirty days. A quorum shall be a minimum of twelve (12) members in attendance.

Section  9.  Annual General Meeting (AGM)

9.1      The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March of each year at a time and place to be determined
            by the Board. All members shall receive written notice of the meeting at least thirty (30) days prior
            to the meeting. Election of Directors shall be held and reports from the Chair, the Treasurer,
            Membership Director, and the Secretary will be presented.


9.2      The Executive Committee shall chair the AGM, and any challenges by the membership shall be
            directed to the Executive as a whole.


9.3      Quorum at the AGM shall be at least 50% of the Board plus ten (10) eligible voting members.


9.4      The Nominating Committee shall consist of two ( 2 ) PMVF members who are not Directors and who
            will be present at the AGM to conduct the election. This Committee will approach Directors who are
            completing their terms to confirm whether they wish to stand for a further term and will both seek out
            and accept nominations from eligible candidates in order to provide a slate of Directors for the election.


9.5      Candidates for Director positions must have had an active membership in the PMVF for at least two (2)
            months. If a membership has lapsed and is being renewed, it will be considered active if the lapse is
            three months or less. PMV volunteers with a minimum volunteer service at PMV of one year and a
            membership in PMVF of at least sixty (60) days will be eligible as a candidate for Director.


9.6      In the event of two or more people running for Chair or for a Director position, voting will be done by
            secret ballot. The Nominating Committee will choose counters and scrutineers.

Section  10   Finance

10.1      Signing officers shall consist of the Treasurer, the Chair and one other Director.


10.2      A minimum of two ( 2 ) signatures out of three signing officers is required to sign any financial
             agreement or cheques related to the accounts of the PMVF.


10.3      The fiscal year of the PMVF shall end on December 31 of each year.


10.4      The financial accounts of the PMVF shall be reviewed semi annually by a certified accountant
            and a full financial report presented at the AGM.

Section  11   Distribution of Assets

11.1     The PMVF will operate through affiliation with the Ontario Historical Society and the Charter of that
            Society, subject  to acceptance by the Ontario Historical Society. In the event of a dissolution of the
            PMVF, all of its remaining assets, after payment of liabilities, will be donated to the City of Pickering
            for use at the PMV as long as it still exists; otherwise, such assets will be donated to one or more
            registered charities with objectives consistent with the Ontario Historical Society.

Section   12   Amendments to the Constitution

12.0    Amendments to the Constitution shall only be made if they are approved in the following manner:
            The amendment must be presented at a General meeting of members.

            Written notice of such a meeting, including the Notice of Motion of the intended amendment
            shall be given to all members at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

            The Notice of Motion must include the names of members proposing and seconding it.

            Such amendment requires approval of sixty percent (60%)

            Of the members attending the meeting in order to be ratified.



Amended: March, 2012

Executive: Rose Cowan, Chair

                    Terry Arvisais  Co-Chair / Treasurer

                    Beverly Arvisais, Secretary / Membership Secretary

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