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Brief History Notes

The Pickering Museum Village Foundation was created as a fundraising organization to enhance the care of the artifacts of the Museum Village and to assist with large projects that the City would find difficult to accomplish without outside assistance.  In the short time the Foundation has existed, it has raised over $800,000.  Much of this was achieved through weekly bingos at Delta Bingo in Pickering.  Consistent supporters of the Foundation and its efforts are Ontario Power Generation and Veridian. The Foundation has also been the benefactor of donations and contributions from a number of small businesses and individuals interested in the preservation of our heritage, plus actively seeking new grants going forward.


The Pickering Museum Village Foundation was founded in 1996 when the early 1800s Puterbaugh log house was donated by Louise Parkes and Family to the Pickering Museum Village and was reconstructed to be a circa 1830 schoolhouse. Through many hours of fundraising and bingo by Foundation members and friends, the Pickering Museum Village Foundation partnered with the City (Town) of Pickering to finance and open this educational feature in June 2000 for the children of Durham and it is available for small meetings.  The Foundation’s portion of this was in excess of $50,000.

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