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Annual General Meeting

Pickering Museum Village Foundation Annual General Meeting

Pickering Recreation Centre Rooms 1 &2

March 23, 2017

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

1)  Welcome-Chair Greg Oakes called the meeting to order at 7:15pm.

2)  His Worship Mayor Dave Ryan in attendance to participate in the meeting

3)  Introduction of Officers - Greg Oakes - Chair. Terence Arvisais - Treasurer and Vice Chair.
      Suzanne Derome - responsible for Bingo scheduling. Karen Grant - Secretary. Angela Steyn -
      Membership Secretary.

4)  Approval of Minutes AGM 2016 - Greg asks for motion to approve. Moved by Tony Steyn, seconded by
      Suzanne Derome. Motion carried.

5)  Introduction of Tanya Ryce, Pickering Museum Village Advisory Committee - Tanya thanks Greg
      for the welcome and the invitation to the PMVF AGM. She is the supervisor of cultural services of
      Pickering, and Chair of the Pickering Museum Village Advisory Committee. The museum is one of her
      roles and responsibilities, and is responsible for the cultural plan of Pickering. Tanya thanked the
      Foundation for their ongoing support of key museum projects: The Oddfellows Hall, and The Harvey
      House. She spoke of the City’s undertaking of improvements to site security for the museum and of the
      completed Strategic plans which will guide the museum for the next six years. The volunteer program
      is being redeveloped based on research. There is approval to move forward on the Visitors’ Centre. Funds
      have been put aside for land purchase, and for archeological and soil testing for the site. New interpretations
      for the Miller Cole House, based on two discoveries of the building. One will result in a shift in the walls
      based on the discovery that the wall partition was added later than the building is interpreted for, plus an
      organ will go into the building. The second discovery was “guests” in the building that will be removed and
      caged. Further developments will be announced in the coming months.


6). Introduction of Katrina Pyke PMV - Katrina thanks the Chair for inviting her to the AGM. Katrina
      provided a summary of the growth and change in the museum in 2016, and she thanked the Foundation
      for their support.

7)  a) Reports - Treasurer (T. Arvisais) Month of February, 2017 General Account
           Closing Balance to February 28, 2017: 70,828.85
           E-bingo Account
           Closing Balance to February 28, 2017: 85,666.98
           Total Funds Available as at February 28, 2017: $156495.83
           Terry spoke of needing more sponsors if the Foundation is to continue to be viable. He commented
           that it is hard to find someone to be a fundraiser unless they receive remuneration. Such an individual
           would have the right contacts and be better able to raise the kind of funds that the Foundation needs
           to bring in.

7) b)  Membership (A. Steyn) - 50 members to date

    c)   Bingo (S. Derome) - continues to be the major part of the funding raised by the PMVF. Funds average
           75.00 per hour per volunteer at the bingos. 8 hours per month nets 3 to 4 thousand dollars. We have
           a good core of volunteers who help at the bingos each month.

    d)   Chair’s Report (G. Oakes) - Greg thanks the members of the board for their work over the last year.
           It has been difficult trying to raise money in the current environment. Pickering and Durham are a
           bit of a charity desert, especially for heritage things. Advised the floor that we are always looking
           for more good people.

8.  Directors going forward in 2017

      Greg Oakes, T. Arvisais, S. Derome, A. Steyn, K. Grant - the floor was advised that these directors
      move forward in their terms for another year.


      Terry comments that Mr. Bill McLean will be providing his assistance toward contacting the various
      builders in the Seaton project for potential funds.

9.   Resignation from the Board of the PMVF: Peter Stephenson. Accepted.



10. Introduction of Guest Speaker Kathy McKay, Executive Director, Ajax-PIckering Board of Trade
       by T. Arvisais.


      Thanks to Guest Speaker: Mayor Ryan and Greg Oakes Adjournment: Tony Steyn moves to adjourn.
      Angela Steyn seconds. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm EDT.